AdSense Native ads – Match Look & Feel of your Website

Today Google is introducing the new AdSense Native ads which is a type of new ad formats designed to match the visual look and feel of your site, providing a better user experience for your visitors. AdSense Native ads come in three extra categories to the default ads: Matched content*, In-feed ads and In-article ads.

google adsense matched content


These new ads formats can all be used at once or individually and are designed for:

  • A better user experience: These new ads fit naturally into your site and use high quality advertiser elements, like high resolution images, longer titles and descriptions. They provide a better experience for your visitors.
  • A better  look and feel across different screen sizes: the ads are built to look well on desktop, mobile and tablet devices with seamless integration
  • Ease of use: New editing tools help you make the ads look perfect on your website.

Native In-feed ads open up new revenue opportunity in your article / blog feeds

Native In-feed ads

These ads are available to all publishers, In-feed ads slot integrate seamless inside your feeds, e.g. a list of articles or products on your site. In-feed ads are highly customizable and match the look and feel of your feed content.

Native In-article ads offer a better advertising experience

Native In-article ads

Available to all publishers, In-article ads are optimized by Google to help you put great-looking ads between the paragraphs of your pages. In-article ads use high-quality advertising elements and offer a great reading experience to your visitors.

Matched Content* drives more users to your content 

Matched Content ads

Available to publishers that meet the eligibility criteria, Matched content is a content recommendation tool that helps you promote your content to visitors and potentially increase revenue, page views, and time spent on site. Publishers that are eligible for the “Allow ads” feature can also show relevant ads within their Matched content units, creating an additional revenue opportunity in this placement.

Getting started with AdSense Native ads 
AdSense Native ads can be placed together, or separately, to customize your website’s ad experience. Use In-feed ads inside your feed (e.g. a list of articles, or products), In-article ads between the paragraphs of your pages, and Matched content ads directly below your articles.  When deciding your native strategy, keep the content best practices in mind.

To get started with AdSense Native ads in WP QUADS:

  • Sign in to your AdSense account
  • In the left navigation panel, click My ads
  • Click +New ad unit
  • Select your ad category: In-article, In-feed or Matched content
  • Copy the code
  • Go to WP QUADS -> AdSense Code and paste the code into the plain text input field

ADSENSE CODE input form

This article is based on by: Violetta Kalathaki – AdSense Product Manager

*This format has already been available to eligible publishers, and is now part of AdSense Native ads.