Integrate WP QUADS into DIVI Theme

We often get request for adding extended support for the popular DIVI WordPress theme by elegant themes, like adding extra positions to DIVI like the header or the footer ad. Unfortunately, we can not do this on our own and we need help by the DIVI developers.

The extra code which is needed for WP QUADS integration should be integrated by the DIVI team so everyone can participate on a powerful ad management solution from their DIVI theme without having the need to modify the template files on their own.

So, if we want to push this feature request for DIVI we need you to ask the DIVI development team to do this. The integration is very easy and we already wrote an instruction how to do it:

Integrate WP QUADS into (Commercial) Theme

If you are a DIVI user and you want to have extra ad locations within the DIVI theme, please open a support request from your DIVI account and ask them friendly if they like to do it. They get a lot of feature requests but the more of you guys are asking about this feature the more likely it is that you will get a positive response from them.

There are other commercial theme like bimber or boombox which integrated wp quads in a same way into their themes:

It might be a good idea to send them these themes for reference so they see that WP QUADS is used in other commercial themes as well.