How to Improve Ad Viewability of Your Website

The following text is a transcription of the Google AdSense Video – Viewability.
All copyright belongs to Google

Viewability is the measurement of a viewable ad impression within a user’s browser.

The interactive advertising bureau IAB says an ad is considered viewable when fifty percent of the ads pixels are visible in a browser window for one continuous second as an AdSense publisher

Maximizing the ad viewability of your site may increase RPM (revenue per thousand impressions) as viewable ads have a higher likelihood to be clicked on. This may also lead to additional investment from advertisers.

Three tips to help you improve your ad viewability

  • Ad Position
  • Ad Sizes
  • Ad Performance

Ad position

The most viewable position is not at the top of page but rather right above the fold. This is the highest viewable ad position across both desktop and mobile web.

Ad Sizes

Ad Sizes can have a large impact on your viewability.
The most viewable ad sizes are vertical units. Not a surprise since they stay on screen longer as users move around a page.

Find here the best available ad sizes:

The Most Effective AdSense Banner Size Formats

You can also improve your site performance by optimizing for speed and increasing responsiveness.

Site Performance

To improve your speed optimization you can use Google’s test my site to analyze the content of your website. It will generate suggestions to reduce latency and to make page load faster when pages. When pages load faster ads load faster and therefore viewability rates can go up. Be sure to use responsive layout to optimally display site content on different devices such as smartphones, tablets and desktop devices.

This helps mobile audiences engage more and again increase your viewability rates.

Now you are on your way to improving your viewability rates