WPQuads (FREE) Version 2.0.12 Released – Bugs Fixed.

We are very pleased to announce to you that we have just released an update and in that, we have closed 18 tickets and below are the ticket which we have added in this update.

Feature Added:

  • New: Added the matched contents ads feature #235
  • New: Adstxt lightbox Design #226
  • New: Added articles in these tooltips #228
  • New: Dropdown text colour #239
  • New: Design changes for Adblocker 2.0 #219
  • New: Rating Internally and Telegram group in desc #240

Bugs Fixed:

  • Fixed: Fixed width and height issue of the AdSense Ads through the shortcode #237
  • Fixed: Improve create Ad option #220
  • Fixed: Fixed empty tooltip? #227
  • Fixed: Fixed the ugly popup #229
  • Fixed: Fixed Search is not working #230
  • Fixed: Changed visibility condition option position #231
  • Fixed: Fixed Uncaught Reference Error #236
  • Fixed: Increased the size of the pub id #238
  • Fixed: Visibility condition not working in Image banner Ad #242
  • Fixed: Shortcode ads are not hidden when Ads was in draft #245
  • Fixed: Ads inside the blockquote #246
  • Fixed: Potential issue with the latest React / NPM version #250

Please do let us know your feedback and suggestions on how we can improve our wp quads Plugin.