WPQuads (FREE) Version 2.0.56 Released – Bugs Fixed

  • We are very pleased to announce to you that we have just released an update and in that, we have closed 8 tickets and below is the ticket which we have added in this update.

    Released Date:  12th July, 2022

    Bugs Fixed:

    • Fixed: Removed Position option from AutoAds. #535
    • Fixed: Empty “<div>” improvement in Auto Ads. #538
    • Fixed: Ad blocker is showing pop-up even if the visitor’s Ad blocker is disabled/unavailable. #556
    • Fixed: ADS not showing show if we are using a page scroll to ID. #569
    • Fixed: Using Auto Insert BEFORE HTML tags changes all text before the first HTML Tag on the page to the formatting of that tag. #570
    • Fixed: popup with impressions #527
    • Fixed: Some issue related to popup, ad rotate, video ad and normal ads #575
    • Fixed: Ad Performance Tracking is working independently even if the option is disabled #583
  Please do let us know your feedback and suggestions on how we can improve our WP Quads Plugin.