WPQuads (FREE) Version 2.0.65 Released

  • We are very pleased to announce to you that we have just released an update and that, we have fixed the following issues.

    Released Date:  13th December 2022

    Issue Fixed:

    • Fixed: When any warning is on quads dashboard, It does not show ads list #637
    • Fixed: Warning: Invalid DOM property class. Did you mean className? #638
    • Fixed: Ads appear inside ultimate faq’s answers #656
    • Fixed: Duplicate Queries issue #647
    • Added: aggresive paralaax ad #585
    • Added: Mukuls request #580
    • Added: Add new options for Ad blockers’ “Bar”. #558
    • Added: ad format #579
    • Added: BFCM internal offer #642
Please do let us know your feedback and suggestions on how we can improve our WP Quads Plugin.