WPQuads (FREE) Version 2.0.67 Released

  • We are very pleased to announce to you that we have just released an update and that, we have fixed the following issues.

    Released Date:  16th January, 2023

    Issue Fixed:

    • Fixed: Limit Amount Of Ads option is not working #648
    • Fixed: Function name must start with a proper prefix #669
    • Fixed: Table prefix should be there in any get results from database table #66
    • Fixed: Ads are not working in AMP and need some improvement #644
    • Fixed: Switch button is not working on label click for some options #673
    • Fixed: Yandex ad type required field does not show any message on next button click #679
    • Fixed: When we select ad from A/B testing. Its keep adding report box infinitely #683
    • Fixed: Warnings #685
    • Fixed: Selection of custom from dropdown inside Log Tab throw console warning #677
    • Fixed: Pro version is activated than more option popup selection far away from kebab menu #676
    • Fixed: Mark license key as required and display response message. #667
    • Fixed: For the first time without changing any option, Save Settings keep spinning infinite #675
    • Fixed: Code Improvement as per WP guidlines #690
    • Fixed: Deprecated error messages when activated the plugin #698
    • Fixed: The Ad targeting option “Country” is not working properly. #691
    • Updated: Remove Limited time offer banner #696

Please do let us know your feedback and suggestions on how we can improve our WP Quads Plugin.