How to bypass ad blockers with ad blocker detection and Google Analytics

Today i like to show you two new amazing features of WP QUADS PRO.

Both are based on the new ad blocker detection which has been introduced in our recent version of the free plugin WP QUADS.

Have you ever wondered how many of your visitors are using an ad blocker?

Than you can enable the new Google Analytics integration from the Plugin Settings.

It generates an event tracking code which allows you to check how many of your site visitors are using an blocker.

Check out the video below:

Ask your visitor to deactivate their ad blocker

The other feature allows you to show a customizable notice to people who are using ad blockers. E.g. their ad blocker is removing all the ads on your site and instead of the ads the visitors are seeing a message asking them to deactivate their ad blocker.

This feature has the potential to increase your ad revenue, so it’s the most powerful feature we have on list of our new things. It’s working best on websites with good quality content and with a large number of loyal returning visitors.

Check out the video below:

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