How to Change ads.txt on a WordPress Website

WP QUADS can create an ads.txt file automatically for your WordPress website. Per default, it’s supporting Google AdSense and VI ads.

If you like to add more ad networks into the ads.txt you need to edit the ads.txt. To do so you need to connect with FTP to your website and edit the ads.txt file manually.

FTP is a file protocol. You get the login data from your hosting provider.
You also need a FTP program to connect via FTP. A good free one is filezilla

Access the root of your website and open the file ads.txt. You will see something like that:, pub-383599332971176, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

Below this line add the new ads.txt entries. Save the file and upload it via FTP to your site again.

The ads.txt should be located in the root of your website.

If there is no ads.txt at all just create a new file with that name and edit it.

This is the same folder where you find the file  wp-content.php or the folders wp-admin and wp-content.

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