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Page-Level Ads – How to Use Them & Find the Performance Report

Pagel-Level ads are the two latest AdSense formats officially introduced by Google in April 2016 after beta testing them since 2013.

What are Page-Level ads exactly?

Page-Level ads is the heading for two different ad formats

  • Anchor/overlay ads
  • Vignette ads

Both ad formats are ads which are shown only on high-end smartphone mobile devices and from our experience only on websites with short loading times. These ad formats also do not count the 3 ads per page limit

Update: Google AdSense removed the 3 ads per page limit recentely

The anchor/overlay ad is a small bar which sticks to the edge of the user’s screen and is easily dismissable by the user without the need to click on the ad itself.

Pagel-Level ads Anchor / Overlay ads
Pagel-Level ads Anchor / Overlay ads

The vignette ad is a full screen mobile ad that appears between page loads on your site. It also can be easily dismissed by your users without clicking on the ad itself.

Pagel-Level Ads Vignette ads
Pagel-Level Ads Vignette ads

How to integrate Page Level Ads into WordPress

Read here how to add Page Level Ads into WordPress based websites:

Where do i find the Performance Report?

After enabling Page-Level ads you want to check the click through rate, cost per clicks and other relevant and important metrics.

The report function is a little bit hidden and can be found under:

Performance reports->Advanced reports->Ad behavior

There you find the entries Anchor ads / overlay and Vignette ads listed if your are using them. Click on them to get the performance data for these ads.