How AdSense A/B Testing Helps you to get Better Revenue

To get the best possible Click Through Rate and Costs per Clicks for your AdSense ads it’s essential to do some A/B testing. Only than you have enough data to compare the results to get know what change is improving the result or what is making it worse.

There are a few general rules what works but every website is different so your changes should be tested every time because you make them permanently. Otherwise you could lose revenue without knowing it.

Gladfully AdSense is providing us a tool which allows you to run automatic split tests which shows a variant of your ads to a certain amount of users.

You can test with AdSense A/B Testing:

  • The ad format – text or image ads
  • Color of the background, text and links
  • Font Family
  • Border around the ads

You find this feature in your Google AdSense dashboard under
Optimization > Experiments

adsense a/b testing

How to do AdSense A/B Testing?

1. Create a new experiment and click on Ad unit settings:

ad unit settings


In this example we create a new tests which determines if image or text ads are working better.


determine what ad type generates more clicks


First we name our experiment and label it with “Change ad type

Then we select the ad we want to test. In this case it’s the XSIM_336x280 rectangular ad which we are testing

The experiment setting option is ad unit type. This allows us to test again text and image ads.

For the variant we choose the image ad.
Lastly we specify that the winner should automatically be selected.

Now, click on Create and run the test – That’s it.

It will take a while but after some time you will see some results similar to this:


I hope this tip is helpful for you and is going to increase your revenue.

Do you have another tip which is working well for you well or has helped you to to increase your Adsense revenue?

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