The “official” Google AdSense plugin will be removed from

It’s no secret that Google has it’s own AdSense plugin in the WordPress repository on for a considerable time. The plugin has not been maintained for over 11 month and the plugin is not maintained and developed any longer. Its user ratings were getting worse because of  a growing list of compatibility issues. (ratings 2.5 of 5)

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So far, most user already felt that the plugin was not the much loved project which it probably was in the beginning when it has been started.

Now, Google announced that they will bring the plugin officially to an end and will shut it down after a three step based process.

Even though this situation must be extremely painful for all Google AdSense plugin user, one must admit that the deprecation process is very professional:

Deprecation Process

  • Early March 2017: New publishers will not be able to sign up for AdSense by using the plugin.
  • Early April 2017: Existing publishers will not be able to change their ad settings or ad units through the plugin.
  • Early May 2017: Google will no longer provide support for the plugin.

Instead shutting down the plugin without any word the users will be notified about the situation via mail and they also get a little migration guide:

Guidance for affected publishers

  1. Back up your WordPress site.
  2. Deactivate the official AdSense Plugin for WordPress.
  3. Create and place ad units by inserting the ad code in WordPress widgets:
    1. Go to
    2. Visit the My ads page.
    3. Create a new ad unit.
    4. Paste the ad code directly into text widgets in WordPress.
    5. Make sure that your site stays compliant with the AdSense ad placement policies.
    6. Remove the official AdSense plugin completely.

Google is also recommending the use of the so called QuickStart ad option which is nothing else than a page level ad.

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