New AdSense Support for Custom Post Types & User Roles

With our latest release of WP QUADS PRO 1.3.0 we implemented two extremely helpful extra conditional functions which can be used to specify on what post types and user roles an ad should be visible or not.

From now on you can hide ads for default WordPress user roles like Administrator, Subscriber, Author and any other custom user role which is defined in your WordPress installation.

Another amazing ad condition allows you to choose the post types where your ads are visible. This can be a default post type like post or page or any other custom post type, for example the product on woocommerce pages or attachments, the type of posts that contains your media files. The plugins detects all your post types. So if you are using a third party plugin which creates a custom post type than this new post type will be available from within the new WP QUADS post types settings.

To use the new options go to WP QUADS PRO->GENERAL SETTINGS

Under the Visibility heading you find the new Post Types option. You can select and enable there all the post types where your ads should be visible:

adsense post types wp quads

If you want to hide your ads for specific user roles use the option
Hide Ads for User Roles. For example, if you have a membership website and you want to hide all ads for paid members or subscribers you can select the user role here and as a result your members do not see any ads at all:

adsense user_roles wp quads

In that case only guests and public visitors of your website which are not included in any user role would see the ads.

I hope you like this new WP QUADS AdSense options. If you have another suggestion for improvement please leave it in the comments below.