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How To Add AdSense Activation Code To Head Area

If you are new to AdSense and you registered recently for an AdSense account Google will ask you to add some code for verification your site to the head section of your website.
At the moment (11th November 2017) WP QUADS can not do this for you automatically but there are a few easy options how to add this activation and verification code into the head of your website

One option is the coding option, the other one is to use a plugin which injects the ad code into your site. I will introduce both options to you:

The simplest way to add ads into the header is to open your WordPress theme template file


and then paste the Google activation code before the closing
< /head > tag.

Another option is to use a separate plugin for adding any element into the header of your website, for example, the plugin Insert Headers And Footers

It’s very self-explanatory so I will not explain the exact use of a plugin here.

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