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What is Ad Blindness and How to enable Ad Blindness on WordPress

What is Ad Blindness?

Ad blindness, also known as banner blindness.

Banner blindness is a web usability phenomenon in which website visitors consciously or unconsciously ignore banner-like information.

Generally, users ignore banner ads and simply scroll past them, but when we use this type of ad, the ad appears more like content


To Enable Ad Blindness and Setup please follow the below steps.

Step 1: For the Ad Blindness feature you need to install WP-Quads pro version.

Step 2: To enable the Ad Blindness  Simply navigate to the WordPress Dashboard -> WP-Quads -> Settings -> Feature -> Enable the Ad Blindness option.


Step 3: To setup Ad Blindness Please create a new ad, simply navigate to WordPress Dashboard -> WP-Quads ->Just click on Create Ad


Step 4: Click on Ad Blindness


Step 5:Please select the ad that you want to display, and make any necessary layout changes.


Step 6: Choose the locations where you want the ad to appear.


Once you’ve completed the preceding steps, the only thing left is to click the publish button, and your ad will go live as you can see below.


Here is the OutPut -:


If it is not working or facing any issues please contact our technical team.

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