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How to Add vi Video Ads to Your Website

Great you have decided to add vi video intelligence video ads to your website.

Now, i am going to show you a video presenting you all the steps to add this new ad format to your website.

If you prefer the written word check out the how to tutorial below:

  • At first you need to sign up at vi for a new user account
    You can do this from within the WP QUADS vi settings page

A publisher registration form is appearing

Fill out all the details about you and your website and click on Register

After a short while you will receive an email with a confirmation link. Note: It can take up to a few minutes or even an hour until you get that mail due to the large amount of registrations this new service get.

Click on the button Confirm now

In the same mail you also find the credentials you need to login to the vi service. Just scroll down and note the mentioned password.

Now go to the WP QUADS vi settings and login there with your mail address and the provided password.

After first log in you’ll see your revenue widget. Compared to the image below yours will be zero but do not worry, this will change soon:)

If you scroll down you will several settings which you need to set up.

The only mandatory ones are the tier 1 and tier 2 iAB category of your website. Select the ones which you think your website would probably best fit.

Than scroll down and decide if you like to show the vi ad above, in the middle or below your content.

Usually the best converting positions are “Above Content” and “Middle of Content” but you should try and compare this on your own.

In the last step you can select if the vi ads should be excluded on certain pages of from certain authors:

In the last step click on Save Video Settings

After a few seconds, the new vi video ad code is generated and you should see the video ad appearing just as below this text. Be aware that it might take a while until video ads are shown in the video content. You can read the FAQ for more information about this.

[quadsvi id=1]

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