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Customize ad blocker notice

Today it’s more and more common for visitors to use ad blockers. This makes it harder for us to generate a good income with offering advertisements on our websites. Fortunately there is a simple solution to reduce the use of ad blockers:
Just ask your visitors to deactivate their ad blockers fro browsing your site. If you have a website with

If you are using WP QUADS PRO and your visitors are using ad blockers you can show them a prominent message asking them to deactivate their ad blocker and to support your site*

Any ad on your site that is removed by an ad blocker is converted into such a notice.

You can change the color and the text of the ad notices easily with some css that needs to be placed in your themes style.css or added to your site with another plugin:

Before (default setting):

Ask your audience to deactivate their ad blocker



Important: *Don’t ask your visitors to click on your ads. This is against the Google AdSense terms.

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