Create an Advert on Your Site

After successful installation of WP QUADS PRO go to
WP QUADS->General Settings

Assign there a few ad spots and choose any ad which do you want to appear later on that particular position:


  • Than go to WP QUADS->Adsense Code . This is the place where you enter your ads. Ads can be an AdSense or any other ad types like your own banner ad or pure HTML or javascript code.
  • If you want to add HTML, plain text or your own banner ads, than use the Plain Text / HTML / JS option
  • If you want to add AdSense ads use the AdSense option
  • When using AdSense ads you can select specific ad sizes depending on the size of  your visitors device in the next step. Learn how to create and where to get the adsense code

You can enter the same AdSense code for all different ad spots and use WP QUADS to customize it. No need to create separate AdSense codes in the Google AdSense Dashboard!

Click on Copy / Paste AdSense Code


A popup window is opening where you can paste the ad code from your AdSense dashboard


Click on Get Code and the fields Slot ID and Publisher ID will be populated automatically. Instead pasting the complete AdSense code you can also populate the Slot and Publisher ID manually if you already know the values.


In the next step select if you like to create an AdSense responsive ad or one with a fixed size


Let’s define a few layout options like specifying the floating of text around the ad and assigning margin values which add some space on all four sides of the ad.


If you are using WP QUADS PRO you can also disable the ad on specific devices and you are allowed to define different ad sizes depending on the type of user device, whether it’s a desktop, tablet, or mobile device your visitor is using.


In the last step select if you want to activate the ad on AMP pages (This only works if you are using the AMP plugin by automattic)


Save it and see the ad appearing on your site.



The ad is not visible

If the ad is not visible you first need to find out if the plugin is working as expected.

To do so open your website source code and look for the code


If you find this code it’s very likely that WP QUADS is working and injecting the ad code as expected into your site.  The reason why you do not see the ad rendered on your website could be that either the ad code is broken or not activated by google at all. If your website has been granted for a short time for the AdSense Program it can take up to 24 hours before ads are appearing on your site.

Another problem could be that you are trying to use the AdSense responsive type and this kind of ad is not supported by your theme by default. This happens often when the ad can not detect the available size. As a result there is a error message in the console thrown, saying something like

adsbygoogle.push() error: No slot size for availableWidth=0

To check if your issue is affected by this error you can specify a fixed size for the adsense ad. Use the size 300 x 250. That’s the most common size and chances are good that there are relevant ads for this ad size.


Save it and check if the ad is shown on your site. If that’s true you can specify fixed sizes for all your devices to bypass this issue. Use the Advanced Options of WP QUADS PRO to do so.

Read this article for more troubleshooting options.