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How to Create AdSense Ad Code

Congrats you installed the WP QUADS plugin successfully.
Your next step is to add Google ads to your site.

This is a general instruction on how t0 create ads from within your Google ads dashboard.

Please note that the screenshots on this site can differ a little bit depending on the time of reading the tutorial.

  1. Sign in to your AdSense account
  2. Visit My ads > Content > Ad unit
  3. Click +New ad unit.
How to create a new Google AdSense Ad unit
New Ad Unit
  • Choose Display ads unit only
    Do not select any of the native ad formats like In-feed, In-article, matched content or link ads! These ad formats are not as effective as the display ads and are not recommended.

  • Give your ad unit a name. It’s a good idea to use a unique, descriptive name that will help you find this ad unit later.
  • You can ignore the  “Ad size” section. WP QUADS will change the ad size accordingly to your settings in the WP QUADS ad settings later.
  • Select which type of ads you’d like to show on your pages from the Ad type drop-down. We highly recommend that you display both text and display ads. (It’s possible that you do not get these option any longer at the time of reading this article:)

adsense ad type

  • By displaying more ad types, you can earn more revenue
  • Click CREATE  and get the code.

  • In the “Ad code” box:
    Leave the code type set to “Asynchronous” (the default), unless you want to use synchronous ad code.
    If you’ve chosen to create a responsive ad unit, you won’t see the Code type drop-down in the “Ad code” box. Responsive ad units only use asynchronous ad code.
  • Select the ad code by clicking it. You’ll see the ad code highlighted in blue. Example of the “Ad code” box
  • Copy all of the ad code, e.g., press Ctrl+C (Windows) or ⌘+C (Mac) and paste it into the WP QUADS ad code form:
  • Go to WP QUADS > AdSense Code
  • Click on Copy / Paste AdSense Code
Copy and paste ad code

A popup window is opening where you can paste the ad code from your AdSense dashboard


Click on Get Code and the fields Slot ID and Publisher ID will be populated automatically.

Instead of pasting the complete AdSense code you can also populate the Slot and Publisher ID manually if you know these values.


Select if you like to create an AdSense responsive ad or one with a fixed size


Let’s define a few layout options, specify if the text should be floated around your ad and assigning margin values which add some space beside the ad.


If you are using WP QUADS PRO you can also disable the ad on specific devices and you are allowed to define different ad sizes depending on the type of user device, whether it’s a desktop, tablet, or mobile device your visitor is using.


Decide if you want to activate the ad on AMP pages. This only works if you are using the AMP plugin by Automattic


After doing this you just need to activate this ad.

You need to do this on the tab General & Position:

You are done.

Go to the front page, look at a post and see the ad appearing!

Note: It can take up to 48 hours until you see the first ads appearing on your website.

If ads are still not visible after 48 hours check out the troubleshooting guide.

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